TRY Longboarding

You may have seen the Longboarders go head-to-head down "Skjervet" before. This year you can try Lonboarding for yourself!

Together with instructors from "Oslo sidelengs brettklubb", who is the local longboarding club in Oslo, we will host "TRY Longboarding". This activity is for those who wanna try out Longboarding for the first time, or maybe you have tried it out before, and want to learn a few tips and tricks. Anyway if you want to skate in more safe surroundings than "Skjervet", you should totally join us. The activity will take place near Tvildemoen near Voss Vind, here is a suitable downhill. Here every participant can decide how hard they wanna go, and how much speed they want. 

Check back later! We are working on this year´s activities, and will post more information and open registration soon. We are looking forward to seeing you at Ekstremsportveko 2023.