Tandem Skydive

Have you always wanted to try skydiving?
This year during Ekstremsportveko you have the chance!

Tandem jumping is a fantastic way to try skydiving. As a tandem student, you have the ability to take the first steps towards free fall in a controlled manner, safely strapped to an experienced, and specially trained parachute instructor. Feel air and get one of your own life's greatest experiences.

As a tandem student, you will first review the jump on the ground together with your tandem instructor. You then take your place in the plane, which takes you 4,000 meters into the air. When you leave the plane you will be in free fall at 200 km⁄h (124 mph) which lasts about 45 seconds. The whole experience is filmed by the instructor, or another jumper from our experienced camera team. The parachute tour takes 5-7 minutes, and you may even get the chance to try controlling the parachute before the instructor takes over for a safe landing. We guarantee pumping adrenaline, spectacular views and an experience of a lifetime!

•To be able to jump tandem you must be in normal good health.
•You cannot be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
•Persons over 100 kg must be individually assessed by a tandem instructor before permission is given to jump. The upper weight limit is always 110 kg. (Weight includes clothes and shoes in which to jump).
•The age limit for tandem jumping is 18 years. With written authorization from the guardian, one can Jump when you turn 16. Download the consent form here.
•For tandem students over the age of 70, a medical certificate from a GP must be submitted stating that the student considered fit to perform jumps as a tandem student. The certificate cannot be older than 3 months on the leap day. Download the certificate here.

How to book?

Use the code: Ekstremsportveko2023
Write the code in the field: "jeg har en kampanjekode" when booking!

Any questions regarding this activity?
Tlf: (+47) 56511000 
E-mail: info@skydivevoss.no