Join the crew


As the largest extreme sports festival in the world, Ekstremsportveko offers a wide range of opportunities for everybody wanting to gain a very special experience in our field. Every year we need help from about 800 volunteers in order to make the festival a huge success. You can easily make a valuable network with professionals from all kinds of fields and new friends from all over the world.

PLEASE NOTE! Saturday the day before Ekstremsportveko kicks off, we welcome ALL volunteers to our information meeting.

Working as a volunteer is a blast as you get to see and experience Ekstremsportveko from a different perspective. People who volunteer will work mostly with the sports and in the festival part of Veko. Check out our various tasks at Volunteer Jobs below.


You only need to work 3 shifts in order to receive a festival pass. This pass gives you access to all concerts and events during Ekstremsportveko. A party will also be hosted in honor of the people who work as volunteers during Ekstremsportveko.

Benefits of working as a volunteer:

  • Free festival pass
  • Staff t-shirt
  • Food while you are at work
  • A legendary and free volunteer party on Sunday 5th of July.

Every year there is a bunch amongst all you amazing volunteers that really give their hearts to Veko and turn into festival builders deluxe. These volunteers do 5, 6, or 7+ shifts and automatically win the Extreme Volunteer Awards!

Use this opportunity to capture your dream job or have fun with our team!

Contact Eirin Hjørnevik Sandstad she is our Volunteer Coordinator and can answer everything about volunteering. Reach her at +47 905 97 488 or send an e-mail at