Safety & Environment

Few events draw as many people to Voss as Ekstremsportveko. Our 25 years long history with daredevils, crazy stunts, and exotic food with nature surrounding it all. People flock to the hills and bows around the village, to the shops, to the outdoor areas, to the cabins - they come by bus, car, and train from abroad and inland to one of the finest villages in Western Norway and to the most lively festival in all of Norway!

Ekstremsportveko is proud to be an ambassador for vibrant culture, sport, and folklife in Western Norway. We are also environmental lighthouse certified. This means that our business takes sustainability seriously and has met strict requirements for the working environment, procurement, energy, transport, waste, emissions, and aesthetics. Our environmental strategy is to periodically survey opportunities to take measures to operate in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This is to the delight of our guests, employees, the local community, and not least the beautiful surroundings in which the festival is located. You contribute to a more sustainable future by choosing an environmental beacon-certified business.