Flying in Aurland

Speedflying Flying in Aurland Thu 29.06 at 12:00 Sign Up

Description of the event/competition concept

We will organize shuttle buss from the landingzone in Aurland. The bus will take us up 800 masl. From there it is a 5 minute hike to the Paragliding takeoff, 15 minute hike to the Speedgliding takeoff and 60 minutes to the very top at 1350 masl.


Norwegian pilots: SPG2 licence and footlaunching course.

Foreign pilots: Valid license, 3rd party insurance and experience with footlaunching.


  • Canopy
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Suitable shoes for the hike
  • Water and food
  • Change of clothes/warm cloths

Practical information.

There is a 25 min shuttle by car and 5-10 min walk to get to the start.

There is a convenience store 5 min from landing.

How to get there.

The landing is about an hour northeast of Voss, to be precise Araldsnes, Aurland.

Minibus shuttle will leave from Minigolfen in the midle of Voss TBA.


– The athlete needs a valid athlete pass 
– Shuttle fee: The cost will be between 399-499 NOK the whole day
– The bus leave at Minigolfen TBA

Meeting point 

Voss Minigolfen - Thursday departure TBA

Registration opens: 15th of March 2023
Registration closes: the opening day Sunday 25th of June.