Safety and responsibility

Enhanced Safety and Responsibility Guidelines for Ekstremsportveko Participants

Safety is paramount at Ekstremsportveko. Each athlete is individually responsible for ensuring their safety and verifying that their equipment is in optimal working condition. We strongly advise all participants to secure personal insurance coverage to further protect themselves.

Mandatory Declaration of Responsibility

To participate in any Ekstremsportveko competition, athletes are required to complete a Declaration of Responsibility waiver. This crucial step underscores the importance of acknowledging and accepting the risks associated with extreme sports participation.

  • Adult Participants (18 years and older): You sign the Declaration of Responsibility electronically when you sign up as an athlete. If you haven't already done it, Please use the following link ( to complete this process.

  • Junior Participants (under 18 years): A signed declaration from a parent or legal guardian is mandatory for competition eligibility. This declaration must be printed and signed in advance. The necessary form will be accessible through the following link (Declaration of Responsibility athlete under 18 years ).

Collection of Junior Declarations

For junior athletes, the signed declaration must be submitted before or upon collecting your Junior Athlete wristband. Please visit the Accreditation tent located within the festival arena at Ekstremsportveko to complete this step.

Emphasis on Safe Play

As we immerse ourselves in a week filled with excitement and adventure, it's critical to stay mindful of the impact of our actions. Ekstremsportveko is a celebration of extreme sports, but it's also a time when safety should never be compromised. Remember, playing safe is just as important as playing hard.

Let's make Ekstremsportveko a memorable and secure experience for everyone involved. Stay safe, and let the adrenaline-fueled joy begin!

If you have questions regarding safety and responsibility guidelines, feel free to contact us.