Gilrs Gathering

Paragliding Girl Gathering (Paragliding and Speedflying) Main landing below Fleichers Hotel Tue 27.06 at 07:30 Sign up

We want to invite all the awesome flying girls to a joyful breakfast! We will serve some food and something to drink. If the weather is good we will set up at the main landing and we can go flying together afterwards. If the weather is bad we will meet at the Voss HPK clubhouse. Both places will have coffee, so don´t worry! This is a perfect chance to get to know some of the amazing women in the flying community and we look forward to seeing you!

NOTE! This event is for women from the speedflying and paragliding community.


  • Bring your best mood and a girlfriend

Meeting point

Main landing or Voss HPK clubhouse

Registration opens: 15th of March 2023
Registration closes: the opening day Sunday 25th of June