Expression Session

Paragliding Expression Session Festival Tent Sat 01.07 at 16:00 Sign up

Expression Session is an acro-competition where you drop from a helicopter and then do a fun show for the viewers. It is the time to express yourself in the sky! The viewers will judge the competition so whoever makes the most entertaining show will win.

Maximum 15 participants.

Pilots must have their own D-bags. For first-timers it is desirable the pilot has done at least one D-bag from a tandem before entering the competition.

NOTE! There will be a slot price 499,- NOK per load.

PP5 with APG and DPG-T


  • Paraglider
  • Harness with reserve
  • Helmet
  • Life jacket

Meeting point 


Registration opens: 15th of March 2023
Registration closes: the opening day Sunday 25th of June