Windtunnel Competition


Indoor Skydiving

Description of the competition concept

In this year's wind tunnel freestyle competition, we are using a new competition concept to make it possible for everyone to participate! We will have two different levels, so you can choose which one suits you the best! All ages are welcome! This will be a lot of fun, and we hope you will be there to join us!

In each level, there will be 4 lines including an element that the participant will need to perform. 

An athlete will perform these lines one by one, showing the pattern of flying and the element required to the participants. Each participant will get the opportunity to fly each line one time, performing it as well as they can. The performance will be judged by a panel of judges, and the one with the overall highest score will win.




Level 1: The athletes must be "signed off" as pro-flyers and be able to fly stable on their belly by themselves.

Level 2: The athletes must be able to fly stable on their belly and back, as well as being able to do head -up (HU) transitions. The participants must also be able to fly in HU sit-fly.


  • Flightsuit
  • Helmet

You can borrow all the equipment needed at the tunnel (suit, helmet, goggles) or use your own.


  • Athletes over 18 must have an Athlete extreme pass to compete
  • Athletes under 18 must have a junior athlete pass to compete.
  • Athletes under 18 years must have a signature from parents to enter our events: 
    • You can deliver the declaration with signature when you pick up your athlete pass in our ticket office

Meeting point

Oberst Bullsveg 28
5705 Voss

Registration opens: Opens 15th of March
Registration closes: Closes 26th of June.