Deep Water Solo

Climbing Deep Water Solo Qualification Utebassenget Sat 29.06 at 11:00 Sign Up
Climbing Deep Water Solo Final Utebassenget Sat 29.06 at 14:00 Sign up


Event/competition time & date

Qualification - Voss utebasseng

Kl.11:00 - 13:00, Saturday 29.06.2024

Finale - Voss utebasseng

Kl.14:00 - 15:00, Saturday 29.06.2024


Climbing (fastpace)

Description of the competition concept

Deep Water Solo is an exciting competition for both athletes and spectators, offering a sense of freedom while clinging to the wall with the fear of plunging into the water!

The competition is straightforward: it's one-on-one, with the first person to reach the top earning points and advancing in the competition. The top six in each category move on to the final round! At the summit of the climbing wall, a flagman will signal who reached the top first.

The routes will be nearly identical to each other and designed to be simple enough that you don't need an iron grip to succeed in this competition, as long as you stay dry – that's the key to success!



  • Men (16+)
  • Woman (16+)


There is no requirement for skill level


  • Climbing Shoes
  • Chalk

Meeting point

Vangsvatnet 5700, VOSS

GPS coordinates: 60.625773, 6.416264


Registration/Sign Up

Registration opens: 15th of March

Registration closes: 22nd of June