Last Tuesday

Events Last Tuesday: Summer Party - Therese Østervold Storebø - VossaTAG Competition Festival Tent Thu 30.06 at 16:00 Get tickets!

For this year's Last Tuesday, we welcome you to a Summer Party at the festival area!

In collaboration with all members of Visit Voss, Voss Sentrum, and Næringshagen at Voss, everything is set for an unforgettable summer evening with a taste of Veko with colleagues and friends!


Therese Østervold Storebø - distiller and bartender from Feddie Ocean Distillery, liquor witch, industrial worker and a problem solver - will join us to talk about the women's perspective, social sustainability, and how she was offered a job that does not exist.

At the event this year there will be an informal competition, VossaTAG - and you will also get the opportunity to try our BULA-Swing; an extreme sport suitable for almost everyone!

After the VossaTAG Competition there will be a delicious grill buffet from Vossakjøtt and time to mingle in the festival lounge. 


VossaTAG Competition at Last Tuesday

What is VossaTAG? Have you ever played Tag, Sisten or Tikken? In VossaTAG the principle is the same - escape your opponent to win points!

VossaTAG is played on a 12x12 meter course with physical obstacles that challenge speed, strength, and flexibility. Read more about the gameplay here.

VossaTAG on Last Tuesday will be played with semi-finals and finals. Team division will be adapted to the number of entrants and there will of course be a prize for the winning team!

Do you want to play? Registration ON-SITE!

The maximum number of entrants is 16 teams with 4 players. 

NB: Participation requires a ticket to Last Tuesday. 


Last Tuesday program:
16:00 - Doors open
16:30 - Welcome and Therese Østervold Storebø
17:00 - VossaTAG Competition and BULA-Swing
19:00 - Grill buffet from Vossakjøtt and mingling
20:30 - Prize Ceremony of the day
21:00 - Today's Video
22:00 - Concert: SIDE BROK + SIRKEL SAG
23:30 - Concert: INNER CIRCLE

01:00-03:00 - DJ


TICKETS for Last Tuesday


MEMBERS: Last Tuesday + Thursday Daypass - 1250 NOK

NON-MEMBERS: Last Tuesday + Thursday Daypass - 1450 NOK


Already got a Festival Pass, Athletes Extreme Pass or Thursday Daypass?


MEMBERS w/festival pass: Last Tuesday - 460 NOK

NON-MEMBERS w/festival pass: Last Tuesday - 660 NOK


Please note! Last Tuesday tickets priced at 460 NOK and 660 NOK, are only valid if you already got a Festival Pass, Athletes Extreme Pass or Thursday Daypass.