Whitewater Kayaking Beginners Course

Activities Whitewater kayaking beginner course 1 Vått og Vilt Sat 24.06 at 09:00 Sign up
Activities Whitewater kayking beginner course 2 Vått og Vilt Sat 01.07 at 09:00 Sign up

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During two days on the river, you get to learn all the basics to get into the wonderful world of whitewater kayaking. During the course, you will learn safe behavior on the river and a lot of other fun things. The course will give you the “Våttkort” from the Norwegian Kayaking Association.

On the first of two days, we will begin on flat water and practice getting in and out of the kayak, in and out of backwater, practice different paddle strokes, and crossing of rivers, and you will learn about safety and equipment. On day two we will practice all the elements from day one on a grade two river.

The course is suitable for everyone between 16 and 60 years who wants a really fun weekend. If you have experienced sea kayaking you will probably learn techniques that you can use later in the sea kayak.

During Ekstremsportveko 2023 it will be held two different courses. The first one is held during weekend 1 (24.June-25.June), and the second one is held during weekend 2 (01.July-02.July). These courses are exactly the same but will be held twice during Ekstremsportveko 2023. 

Registration needed: Sign up at the link at the top of the page. Press "Sign up" at the time you want for registration. If there are no more tickets, send a mail to aktivitet@ekstremsportveko.com, and we'll see what we can do :)

Price: 3700,- NOK.

Age limit: 16+.

Activity start: 09:00 both days

Meeting point: Vangsgata 45 (Vått og Vilt)

Duration: 7 hours.

Please bring: Thermal underwear, a towel, swimwear, and warm clothes for afterward.

Notice: Gear such as a kayak, paddle, life vest, helmet, and the wetsuit will be provided. Please fill out age, height, and weight in the registration form so that the instructor brings the right equipment. 

Information about the activity:
Mads Rio at Vått og Vilt: (+47) 913 74 995.

Information about booking: 
Ekstremsportveko’s activity coordinator
Rebecha Kristine Røstum (+47) 950 09 478.