Try Gliding

Come join us for a gliding trip over beautiful Voss!  

We get towed up in the air by a powered plane to an altitude where we can gain more altitude by finding warm air currents or wind into and over a ridge to lift us high above everyday life in a quiet and smooth glide across the sky. Or do you want to experience the G-force and thrill of aerobatics?

Register and we’ll set you up with one of our instructors and you’ll roll and loop your way back down.

Price gliding:         3.500,- NOK
Price acro gliding:  3.500,- NOK

For booking please send e-post or sms to:
Ekstremsportveko’s activity coordinator
Tom Remman (+47) 400 04 858.

INFO in booking: NAME, AGE and what day you want to fly and what time. 
Tom will check the capacity and contact you. If you have any special needs please write this too!