Head of Skydiving

Cate Ryeng



NB! Updated details and more information coming.

Your heart is thumping. Your palms are sweaty. All you can hear is the sound of the propels. In your head, there is a tiny voice screaming holy sh*t as you move towards the plane door. In one giant leap of faith, excitement, and adrenaline, you find your self free-falling 13 000. Sounds exciting? Join us in Voss!

Skydiving is a fantastic experience, whether it's your first time or you've done it thousands.

Skydiving in Voss

In Voss, we usually skydive from altitudes up to 15 000 feet in breathtaking nature. Come by Skydive Voss for skydiving, try a tandem jump if you dare or just relax with a coffee and watch the skydivers having fun. Every evening during Ekstremsportveko there will be a spectacular skydiving show at Prestegardslandet.

To book a tandem jump or a skydive course contact Skydive Voss