Rafting Giant Slalom & Head 2 Head Combined event Voss Active Mon 26.06 at 11:00 Sign up



A challenge of skill and endurance consisting of a down-river race with multiple challenging slalom gates on the route. If you touch or miss any gates, a time penalty will be added. The course starts at the Voss Active Klatrepark, below the "Money Drop" and finishes at the rapid "Kåre". The positioning of the gates will be determined by the river level and set a few days before the event.

GS Rules

  • Staggered start, intervals of ca3 minutes in the start list order.
  • Le`man - running start - all team members standing at the start line - raft in place at the riverside, one team member holding the raft. Paddles in the raft.
  • All team must be in the boat at the finish line
  • Each raft must have a throw bag
  • All team must have proper rafting equipment
  • All team must have Veko extremepass on


  • Missing a gate = +60 seconds
  • Missing completely
  • wrong direction
  • Team incomplete
  • Not all heads of team passing between gates
  • If you go through a gate out of order the preceding gates will count as missed
  • Intentional moving of gates = +50 seconds
  • Touching 1 or both poles = +5 Seconds
  • Incomplete team over finish line +60 seconds per member

HEAD 2 HEAD: Concept

This is battle of power and skill as 2 boats race head 2 head in knock-out heats until only the strongest team meet for the grand finale!

  • The course starts at Voss Active Klatrepark and finishes just below the rapid Laila.
  • Knock out system, until the final pair of teams reach the final.

The Heats are decided by the results from the Giant Slalom result positions. The fastest team meets the slowest and so forth. The highest-ranked team will get to choose which position they start from at the start line, so its always advantageous to have had a good SG race time!

Head 2 Head Rules

  • Boat ramming and Blocking IS allowed
  • Pushing boats with paddles IS allowed
  • Body contact with paddle IS NOT allowed
  • Holding other boat IS NOT allowed
  • Breaking the rules will lead to automatically losing that heat
  • All team must have Veko extreme pass on


Mixed teams with 4 participants on each team


Your team must have class 4 whitewater rafting experience to enter this competition

The Team Captain MUST have experience of Guiding Class 3+ white water


  • We provide the all rafts and paddles, so they are all the same!
  • If your team member miss any equipment like; helmets, wetsuits, boots, life jackets, we can loan you it.
  • Every team MUST have at least 1rescue throw bag in the raft when racing