Voss Kajakklubb

Kayaking at Ekstremsportveko is organized by the local kayak club and our amazing volunteers. We are proud to share the rivers here with the rest of the world and hope everyone will love them as much as we do. So come to Voss Kajakklubb to learn from our world-class guides, rent gear, or just come and get some information about where to go.

We believe all this positive energy around our free-flowing rivers will contribute to protecting them, AND it makes Voss a more fun place to live.

Meet one of our amazing volunteers Silje Heistein Lund and find out how she ended up in Voss and what opportunities Voss Kajakklubb can offer you.

Silje, you are not from here, how did you end up in Voss?

Oh, this is such a cliché, but when I first went to Ekstremsportveko many years ago, I got a sudden feeling of being home. It was something about the mindset of the people, the absolutely stunning nature, and Voss itself, being both rooted in tradition and developing really fast at the same time. I instantly told everyone that one day, I would move to Voss and be a part of this amazingly attractive vibe.

And in 2016, the dream became reality. I moved to Voss and started looking for a job. I didn’t know anyone (except for one cool lady, and I will tell you about her later on), so I joined local organizations and showed up to every arrangement I heard about. My strategy was to awkwardly walk up to strangers, asking them if I could add them on Facebook because I was new in town - and it actually worked!

I had been doing some river kayaking back home, and when I saw Voss Kajakklubb was having indoor pool training, I joined right away. Voss Kajakklubb focused on safety, recruitment, and good guidance, and I felt right away that this philosophy matched my approach to kayaking.

One thing led to another, and I’m now helping Voss Kajakklubb out with beginners’ kayaking, together with a team of skilled instructors who also teach me a lot.

I also have a full-time job working with innovation in Voss herad, and on that note, I wish to bring light to an effect of Ekstremsportveko that’s highly under-communicated:

Due to Ekstremsportveko, Voss is known worldwide for being a diverse playground with marvelous nature. This global marketing of Voss as a great place to live attracts new citizens from all over the world, and they bring great skill and job competencies into the community. This is immensely valuable.

What is the best part about kayaking in Voss?

Voss has the best rivers in the world! You can finish work, and jump right onto rivers of all levels - they are all so accessible! The kayakers here are very skilled, and you can learn so much from everyone. I’m also very impressed by Voss Kajakklubb and the work they do with the kids. It is important to offer alternatives to the more traditional sports, and it provides a great opportunity for kids to get to know the joys of river play.

Any fun/crazy story you would like to share from kayaking in Voss or at Ekstremsportveko?

Yes, about that one cool lady I said I knew before I moved here. I actually didn’t really know her, I had loosely talked to her before about buying a boat from her, and I had been kayaking with her once at a kayak clinic arranged by Voss Kajakklubb and Ekstremsportveko. When I moved here I sent her a text with something like “Hey! Remember me? I just moved here, and I wondered; is there any chance you could let me work at your company?” I thought I would never hear from her, but she actually said yes, and became one of my closest friends here (hey Gunvor!)! Connected by Ekstremsportveko and Voss Kajakklubb; friends for life. That’s pretty rad!

If you are a beginner how and where can you get started with kayaking?

I would get started by taking a beginners’ class with Voss Kajakklubb.

It’s important to start safely with experienced instructors on protected small lakes, pools, and slow rivers in order to develop skills and reduce stress levels. With every additional trip, your options broaden, and the club will help you grow as a kayaker.

Is there anything for people who want to improve?

The kayak club is offering clinics during Ekstremsportsveko, you can take different advanced level classes, and there are a lot of very skilled kayakers living in Voss who are happy to share their knowledge.

Silje thanks for sharing your story with us!

Sign up here https://vosskajakklubb.com/bli-medlem/