Head 2 Head

Kayaking Head2Head Footbridge Mylna Sun 27.06 at 14:00 .

Competition concept

Are you a kayaker and coming to Veko this year? Awesome! Maybe you are really keen on competing, but you don’t feel fully ready to participate in the World Championship yet? If yes, you should not hesitate anymore: sign up for this competition as fast as you can! This is our meet and greet event for everyone in a delightful mix: World Champ competitors, club paddlers, volunteers, and curious spectators. H2H is our “lavterskelkonkurranse” (as we say in Norwegian).

It means that this competition is for everyone:
Independent of whether you (1) are still quite “fresh” to this sport and want to gather your first competition experiences, (2) want to challenge your peers as an intermediate, or (3) probe the other competitors before the World Championship starts. We will again have the H2H competition at Mylna, i.e. the section of the river Vosso which starts below the Rognsfossen hydro plant and goes down to the confluence with Raundalselva, almost in the center of town. This section has a grade 2-3 (depending on water levels) and is open for most levels.

There will be music, smiles and a welcoming atmosphere before the serious World Championship commence. Bring your significant other/ friends/ parents/ grandmother/+++, it’s going to be fun!

If you have never been to or seen an H2H kayaking event before, here is a short description:

Head to Head is a boater cross kayaking event (or extreme slalom as the ICT calls it now), putting a heat of 2-5 kayakers against each other to race down a short whitewater course. The competitors sprint to the finish to touch a banner. The top (1 or 2) paddlers proceed to the next round until there remains a single finale heat. The first paddler of the final heat, who touches the finish banner wins the competition. On the more advanced levels, there will be gates, which have to be passed before touching the finish banner (details at the race briefing).

The mandatory race meeting will be held on June 27th 13:30.


  • Skilled You have just one or two seasons with paddling and the role in only working occasionally? No problems! Who said you should not compete against your peers?

  • Advanced You know how to paddle but are not feeling to compete with the world elite in paddling yet? Then this is probably the class where you find paddlers on your level.

  • Inhuman You breathe paddling? You spend some weeks of the year living in your car due to kayaking? Class V rapids scare you considerably less than normal human beings? Then sign on in this category!

  • Youngster (under 18 years): Are you an up-and-coming rockstar? This is the class for kayakers under 18 ready to take over the world

NOTE: All levels- but athletes must be capable to get out of a flipped kayak and swim back to shore.


  • All participants must use a mass-produced PE-plastic whitwater kayak.
  • The kayak must not exceed a maximum length of 275 cm.
  • There must be a minimum of 4 solid grabloops/attachment points for rescue and should have some kind of internal structure support and solid footrests.
  • All participants must wear a white water helmet conforming to EN 1385 Norm, a white water buoyancy aid conforming to EN 393 Norm or ISO 12402-5 Norm and sufficient protection against cold water.”

At the footbridge by Mylna/Tvildesvegen
GPS coordinates: 60.631611, 6.431722


  • Note that kayaking as every other outdoor sport depends on a very dynamic element thus there may be sudden changes due to weather/water conditions. If that happens, we will inform you of course ;-)
  • Note for drivers: Please do not park on the river right (gas station side). Instead use the good parking possibilities at Magasinvegen (put it on your navigation, drive to the end of the road, the meeting point is basically at the end of the road.)


Registration opens: Open
Registration closes: Closes 26th of June. 

Race rules

The racer with the best ranking position can choose his place at the start of the next heat and so on until all positions have been decided.

If two or more boats are tied in a heat or semi-final for a position that qualifies for the next round, all boats in question will have a re-run of the heat after all heats have run and before we progress to the next round of the competition.

The winning boat is the one whose hand touches the finish banner first.

There is a protest fee of 500 NOK, to lodge an official claim against any competitor/gate judge. The complaint will be dealt with by a jury, but there is no guarantee that the complaint will change anything.

Contact rules:
BoaterX is not a battle but is all about the fine art to go fast and find the faster lines. For safety reasons it is also important to follow some simple contact rules:

  • Keep your hands on the paddle.
  • You’re not allowed to push people or kayaks with the hands.
  • Keep your paddle away from other people's bodies.
  • Kayak – kayak contacts are allowed and it is possible to push someone offline by touching his kayak.

Violations of these rules or dangerous actions against other competitors lead to immediate disqualification.