Kayaking clinics

Kayaking Clinic: Paddle technique Kajakkbua 3.0 Wed 30.06 at 10:00 .
Kayaking Clinic: Play the river Kajakkbua 3.0 Wed 30.06 at 14:00 .
Kayaking Clinic: How to paddle fast and smooth Kajakkbua 3.0 Thu 01.07 at 10:00 .


Wednesday 30th JUNE
“Paddle technique”
Paddle technique for whitewater. Forward stroke for whitewater is like a proper swing in golf or tennis. It is absolutely essential skill to be able to navigate the dynamic environment that whitewater is. Unfortunately more often then not it gets neglected and underestimated. Getting this stepping stone done correctly and efficiently opens a whole new world of possibilities into boofing, eddy turns and more complex maneuvers.

Instructor: Lee Royle



“Play the river”
Simply floating down the river is boring - learn how to play it! Surfing waves, slicing your stern, pop-outs, rock spins and eddy moves are on the menu! With the right water levels we may even try out some downriver freestyle. With 205 days on the river last season, Helge Martinsen is eager to say the least. He has a firm belief that the best way to improve in whitewater is to practice difficult manoeuvres on "easy" rivers, and playing your way down is one of the best ways to achieve this! A slicy stern boat is preferable for this clinic, but a join us even in your regular creekboat/riverrunner 

Instructor: Helge Martinsen




Thursday 01th JULY
“How to paddle fast and smooth”
Learn how to paddle faster- improve your forward strokes, line picking, etc. Not only for racing but also to get better in general. Last year’s winner of the European Championship, Nicolas Caussanel has been kayaking since he was 7 years old. After paddling and racing for a while in slalom he swapped his carbon kayak for a creek boat. He spends lots of time training, learning new techniques, and transfer slalom techniques to a creek boat all to enjoy some good time competing in extreme kayaking events! This year he will be at Veko to share his experience with you on “how to paddle fast”.

Instructor: Nicolas Caussanel 




You need to bring your own equipment to these clinics
You need a solid roll to participate
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Extreme pass holders; athletes, volunteers, and other participants

Intermediate with a solid roll

- Kayak
- Helmet
- Clothing for cold water
- Throw bag
- A big smile

Kajakkbua 3.0: Magasinvegen 16, 5705 Voss
GPS coordinates: 60.631517, 6.437411

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Registration closes: Closes 26th of June.