Climbing Bouldering Qualification MØN buldrefeld Tue 27.06 at 10:00 Sign Up
Climbing Bouldering Final Nr1 Fitness Vossabygg Tue 27.06 at 15:00 .


Competition concept

The bouldering competition will be in two sessions. First part will focus on climbing- and nature experiences, as well as social enjoyment (the Qualification), while the other part will be entertainment all the way - with music, speaker and light show, the athletes are promoted as stars (Fianle)!


The first part is the qualifications that will take place on the MØN bouldering arena (at the woods at MØN, VOSS). Here the athletes will climb on rocks outdoors, where there are selected problems graded from very easy to very hard. So you’ll find climbing for everyone of all difficulty and levels, in beautiful nature! Competitors will get 1 point for every single climb, so it pays to think smart!

*The top six in each class advance to the finals!

After qualifying, the best athletes will advance to the finals. This will take place in the gym Nr 1 fitness at Voss. The finals will be rigged with light shows, spotlights, music,
speakers and competition boulders! The bouldering wall will be like a stage where the athletes have 8 minutes to collect as many points as possible from the boulders. The finalists themselves decide how to dispose of the problems over time and are awarded points by zone and top grip.

This show will be FREE for the public to watch!.

Join us for this great event, and we will do our best to give you sore fingers and a big smile.

Men (16+)
Woman (16+)

There is no requirement for skill level

Climbing Shoes

Mønsvegen 27, 5700 Voss
GPS coordinates: 60.624480, 6.540131


Registration opens: Opens 15th of March
Registration closes: Sunday 25th of June 2023 (opening day Ekstremsportveko)