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Who is Boge?

Boge, an accomplished DJ since the mid-2000s, has been an integral part of various projects, with his prominence notably established as a member of A-Laget and currently as one half of Kickslip, alongside renowned drummer Baard Kolstad.

Beyond his role as a club DJ, Boge has delved into extensive production and remix work across diverse musical genres. His reinterpretations of well-known artists have garnered widespread acclaim from DJs worldwide. Notably, Boge has consistently surprised audiences with bootleg remixes on SoundCloud for the past decade.

As a monthly contributor to Germany's "Planet Radio," Boge curates mixes featuring exclusively club music. Simultaneously, he showcases his versatility under the alias "Bonada," offering a more laid-back ambiance, currently amassing a monthly listenership of 12k.

Recent years have seen Boge grace the stages of some of Norway's largest festivals, captivating audiences as one half of Kickslip. Excitingly, Kickslip is on the brink of unveiling their own musical creations, promising an eagerly anticipated release in the near future.


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