Today's Video crew

Do you want to take part in Ekstremsportveko's video production? We are looking for more creative and enthusiastic people to join this year's Today's Video crew!

What do we do?

Today's Video crew produces content for the daily Today's Video screening and for the television broadcast programs. Every morning all the videographers get sent out to cover a designated activity, before returning to the Today's Video headquarters. Here you will provide a rough cut/log of your material to the designated editor. The Today's Video crew works under immense time pressure, as we shoot everything the same day as we screen it at the festival.

Who are we looking for?
- Videographers who can work independently, and who are confident in using their equipment.
- Editors who can work fast, and can deliver creative quality edits on time every day.
- A combination of both!

What do we require of you?
- That you bring your own video equipment if you are going out in the field to shoot.
- A computer that you can edit and/or make rough cuts/logs on.
- Your commitment to work all of the days during the festival. Ekstremsportveko has a big festival program with loads of activities, and we need all of our crew to be able to cover these and make the finished products as good as possible.

What do you get for participating in Today's Video crew?
- A festival pass.
- A Staff t-shirt
- Accommodation during the festival
- Breakfast/lunch and dinner
- Experience the sports and activities in a different way
- Your name in the credits
- The chance to get your work aired on television

Want to join the crew, or have any questions?

Send an email to! If you want to join the crew, make sure to state if you can film or edit (or both), and list what equipment you have.
Head of Today's Video
Vegar Vedaa