Non Stop Bonanza

Activities Non Stop Bonanza Prestegardslandet Fri 30.06 at 11:00 Sign up

Join us for an entertaining teamevent during Ekstremsportveko!

Sign up closes 20:00

Non-Stop Bonanza is a fun team competition full of action, and speed and involves a lot of exciting challenges from start to finish.

You participate in teams with three participants in each team. The competition takes place in Prestegardsmoen, a great outdoor area that lies directly by Vangsvatnet. Three teams start at the same time(this in one heat).The team will go through a trail in Prestegardsmoen, and along the way there are various exercises/activities that the team must carry out together before they skip to the next post. The challenges are created in relation to balance, cooperation, precision, strength and tactics. There will also be exercises on and in Vangsvatnet.

Please be ready at the competition start area at 10.30 so the running order of the teams can be sorted out before start at 11.00!

The competition is rated by time, and the fastest team around the entire course wins Non Stop Bonanza! Great prizes, honors and glory for the three best teams.

Age limit 
16+ years


Sign up closes 20:00


Information about activity: 
Vossamoro: Gunvor Wæhle
(+47) 959 82 065

Information about booking: 
Ekstremsportveko’s activity coordinator
Rebecha Kristine Røstum (+47) 950 09 478.

Some exercises from previous years

Some exercises from previous years