Swoop Show

Swooping Swoop Show Festival Tent Sat 01.07 at 15:00 .


This event is designed for expert freestyle swoopers who already have an exhibition skydiving license. We will showcase our best tricks with both solo- and synchronized landings on the inflatable platform on Voss lake. 

This is excellent entertainment, so bring your friends and come watch the show right in front of the festival tent.

The plan is to showcase everyone's best tricks on today's video on friday, and let you - the audience be the judges. Check out Veko’s instagram story after the video on friday to give your vote.

As with most airsports we are weather dependent. If we cannot complete the competition on friday, we will instead put on our best, most colorful outfits and make a great show on Saturday. 

Entry by invitation only. Participants must be experienced canopy pilots/swoopers.

If you have questions regarding the swoop show, please contact:

Head of Swooping Petter Stensvold  (+47 971 10 221)