Battle of the Mountain

Description of the competition concept

After last year’s success, we are BACK with Battle of the Mountain! The event is held at Vikafjellet and is a day you do not want to miss out on during Veko. The competition is divided into two parts - railjam and pond skim. We strongly suggest you sign up for both and give them both a try and then go for the OVERALL title!

Vikafjellet Railjam 

The railjam is a mix of easy to medium difficult levels of rails. We will judge based on creativity, style, and progression!

Extreme Pond Skim

A Pond Skim is when you boost down a hill on your skis or snowboard and then clear a path of water to make it to the other side. We have made it Ekstremsportveko-level and have added features such as a jump and a slalom-course. We will judge on creativity, style and progression, but you have to make it to the other side to have your trick counted!

This is also super easy level and everyone can participate in this as long as you are not afraid of going fast on skis (and you kind of have to be ok with being wet).


  • Battle of the Mountain - Overall
  • Battle of the Mountain - Only Vikafjellet Railjam 
  • Battle of the Mountain - Only Extreme Pond skim


  • Men Snowboard
  • Women Snowboard
  • Men Skis
  • Women Skis
  • Junior (under 18 years old): Athletes under 18 years must bring a signed declaration print from their parents or legal guardian to compete. The Declaration: The signed Declaration must be delivered before or when you get your athlete to pass in the Accreditation tent during Ekstremsportveko

Weapon of choice:

  • Snowboard
  • Skis


The railjam and overall category is medium in level. You will have to have ridden some rails if you wish to compete in the railjam, but we suggest you give it a go no matter what! You can compete in the Pond-skim if you are not afraid of going fast.


  • Choice of weapon: Skis or Snowboard
  • Bathing suit
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Life-vest (we will have some available at the arena)


Meeting point

GPS coordinates: <00.000000, 00.000000>


Registration/Sign Up

Registration opens: 15th of March
Registration closes: Closes 26th of June