Slip'N Slide Competition

Slip'n Slide Slip'N Slide Competition day Vikjavegen 80 Fri 02.07 at 14:00 .

Competition description

Wooop woooop! Are you ready for this? There will be a huge slide that you can try in this competition. One long big slide with a loop and kicker.

You have to have some kind of experience if you want to join this event and it's definitely not a novice competition. The slide are bigger and completely different from what you've used to see in waterparks. We promise you a lot of fun, and if you're into Slip'N sliding' you will dig it.


11.00: Mandatory training for all athletes
14.00: Competition starts


- Intermediate/Expert.
- Experience with diving/cliff diving/freestyle/death diving experience.
- Air, style, and control are 3 different criteria that will be judged during this event.

NOTE: Head of Slip'n Slide will have the last saying if you have enough experience to join. Call him if you're unsure and have questions.


- Swimsuit
- Mandatory with helmet
- Towel
- Warm clothing (in between)


NOTE: The Slip'N Slide is only open to try on scheduled time, we expect all to respect this!

Registration opens: Open
Registration closes: Closes 26th of June.