Multisport Mini

Multisport Multisport Mini - Cancelled Footbridge Mylna Wed 30.06 at 14:00 Cancelled

Event time & date 

Wednesday 30 June, 14.00


Fun fun fun!


We love to get the kids involved at Veko. This year we will be running  Multisport Mini, a super fun multisport event for youth aged 10-17.  Participants will be in teams of three (with a minimum of one girl per team) and will consist of one kayaker, one runner, and one mountain biker. 

Starting a Magasinet there will be a cruisy 1.2km kayak almost down to Tintrabrua footbridge. From there the next team member will start the run and complete the next leg which is 1.5km down to the lakefront. The final leg (distance to be confirmed) will be undertaken by the mountain biker who will complete the race and be greeted and cheered on by their fellow teammates at the finish line.

This event is suitable for all levels and abilities.


It is a very fun, safe, and easy section of moving water to navigate and there will be adequate safety in place the days. Kayaking gear will be distributed to individuals the day before the event.


Mixed Teams

Maximum 10 teams

Mimimum 1 female per team

Age group: 10-13

Age group:14-17


All levels are welcome


  • Mountain Bike and helmet
  • Running gear
  • Kayaking equipment will be provided

Meeting point 


Time and exact location TBA


Registration opens: Open
Registration closes: Closes 26th of June. 


IMPORTANT! Athletes under 18 years must have a signature from parents to enter this events. You'll find the responsibility declaration here: Deliver to the head of multisport, Claire Miller before the race.