Døds Challenge Voss

Lokst Utøve Døds Challenge Voss Demmo Wed 30.06 at 13:00 .

The all-mighty gods of Døds are getting ready to rumble and are coming to Voss.

Døds Challenge Voss is part of the official Døds tour as a run-up to the World Championship. The winner of Døds Challenge Voss qualifies directly to the main competition in the World Championship with a Golden Ticket and contestants also gain league points counting towards an overall league winner.

Quarter-finals - The Døds Challenge Voss, Classic Døds
Semi-finals - The Døds Challenge Voss, Freestyle Døds
Finals - The Døds Challenge Voss, Classic Døds or Freestyle Døds

Døds Challenge Voss starts right after round 2 in Lokst Utøve.

The competition is open to contestants 13 years old and above (participants under the age of 18 years need written consent from a guardian), men and women, and they all compete in the same competition.

Updated league status is published after each DC event at www.dodschallenge.com

The overall winner of the Døds Challenge League will be awarded during the World Championship in Døds!

In Døds Challenge there is one class regardless of age and gender.

Swimwear, wetsuit is not allowed.

Demmo, Flatlandsmo Camping
GPS coordinates: 60.595871, 6.580504

Registration opens: Open
Registration closes: Closes 26th of June.