Voss whitewater Grand Prix

Kayaking Mandatory Athlete Brief - Voss Whitewater Grand Prix Festival Tent Wed 28.06 at 19:00 .
Kayaking Voss whitewater Grand Prix Qualification Part 1 - Mass start Upper Stranda Thu 29.06 at 09:30 Sign Up
Kayaking Voss whitewater Grand Prix Qualification Part 2 - Giant Slalom Lower Stranda Thu 29.06 at 14:00 .
Kayaking Voss whitewater Grand Prix Finals Myrkdalen Holy Diver section Fri 30.06 at 11:00 .


The meaning of this year's race is to provide a spectacular competition for both the top athlete and the intermediate kayaker. The top athletes will be able to show their skills in the finals but also the intermediate kayaker can be a part of this fantastic event by competing in the qualification.

The race will be a two phase event: 

Qualifications (class 3/4) Mass start & giant slalom Thursday 29th June. 

Finals (class 5+) Downhill race Friday 30th June. 

The 2 qualifications race will both give point which will be use to make a first ranking and qualify top athlete from the final event.

Wednesday, June 28:
18.00: Mandatory athlete brief

Thursday, June 29:
09:30: Qualification Race start Part 1 Mass start
14:00: Part 2 Race Start Giant slalom

Friday, June 30:
11.00: Finale race start




Requirements to sign-up in Women or Open class are base on AWP rules for any information consult their web site. 


  • Junior (under 18)
  • Master (over 35)
  • Senior (18-35)


  • Junior (under 18)
  • Master (over 35)
  • Senior (18-35)


Junior (under 18). Note: Athletes under 18 years must bring a signed declaration print from their parents or legal guardian to compete. 
The signed Declaration must be delivered before or when you get your athlete to pass in the Accreditation tent during Ekstremsportveko.

C1 category could be open if we got more than 5 competitors register.

People competing in junior and master class are not eligible to compete in the final (master who sign-up in the senior class can compete in the final)


  • Race organizers have the right to consider a paddler who may not be capable to paddle the course safely as ineligible to compete.


It is the responsibility of each athlete to be updated and comply with the race standards from the AWP to be eligible to compete.


  • There is a mandatory briefing Wednesday 28th of June, 18:00 in the lounge at the Festival Tent, date and time to be confirmed. Bibs will also be distributed at this occasion.
  • All participants must use a PE-plastic creek-boat of serial production (no slicey-boat). The kayak must have a maximum length of 275 cm and a minimum weight of 18kg. There must be minimum 4 solid grab loops/attachment points for rescue and should have some kind of internal structure support and solid footrests. If you're in doubt about your kayak, read more about kayak rules on: awpkayak.org or ask us in advance.
  • All participants must wear a white water helmet conforming to EN 1385 Norm, a white water buoyancy aid conforming to EN 393 Norm or ISO 12402-5 Norm with a quick release belt, and wear sufficient protection against cold water.
  • Paddlers need to carry a 16m throw-bag in their boat during training and racing.
  • We will perform an inspection of your gear and have the right to refuse any participants whose kayak or equipment seems unsafe or is not up to standards.
  • All participants must stay by the take out until 2 more racers cross the finish line



  • Each paddler signing for this race should be aware he need to be able to assume his own safety and show constant safe line in the training prior the race.
  • The safety crew are not be responsible for the safety of the racer they are there only as a support. If you do not feel comfortable with having safe line on the race course please joint the clinic during Veko where good tips will be dispense in order to be ready for next year.
  • Training run are mandatory before the race. No safety will be set from the race organiser before the race.
  • If the organisation considered a racer do not have the skills on the racing day (lack of technic, under drug or alcohol) to run the qualification or the final course he will be disqualify.


Festival tent - Mandatory Athlete meeting Wednesday 28th of June, 18:00

GPS coordinates: Giant slalom (put-in and take out): 60.739067,6.490663

GPS coordinates: Mass start mut-in: 60.763145,6.491353

GPS coordinates: Mas start take out: 60.756331,6.496555

GPS coordinates: Final put-in: TBA

GPS coordinates: Final take-out: TBA