NC Gliding Grand Prix

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Description of the competition concept

The third 2023 installment of the Norwegian Cup in cross country gliding, NC Voss GP, will be flown in the Grand Prix style; A (glider type-based) distance-handicapped turn-pointed task race to the goal. One task each day, via some of the most scenic routes there is, with a total of three tasks to crown the overall winner of the competition.

If positioned right in the mountains around Voss according to the task given the spectators will be able to see the gliders live as they race towards the finish line. In addition, the position of the gliders will be live-streamed throughout the race, giving everyone a current look at the standings in the race.


One class, gliders handicapped by distance each task.


As described in the Sporting Code and National competition rules.

Meeting point

Voss flyklubb, Bømoen flyplass

Registration/Sign Up

Registration opens: Open
Registration closes: Sunday 25th of June 2023 (opening day Ekstremsportveko)