Amber Forte - Chasing the happy meal

BASE jumper and skydiver Amber Forte will have a personal talk about everything she has been through during her life. The talk "Chasing the happy meal" will be inspiring and definitely something that can challenge some of your looks at life. 

Amber Forte suffered a life changing injury during a skydive in 2019, putting her only a millimetre away from being paralysed. This accident became a critical turning point in her life, forcing her to evaluate why she does what she does. This is the story of a young girl's journey from an aggressive childhood, pressure to perform, and the pursuit for a better life. 

In 2016 Amber ended up choosing Norway as her home, since then she has been ranked #1 female wingsuiter in the world and has in addition to winning Guinness world records also represented Norway at several international skydive competitions. 

Ambers talk "Chasing the happy meal" will take you on a journey that challenges your view of what it means to live a life with extreme sports.