Pineapple Express

Music Pineapple Express Scandic Terrassen Sat 03.07 at 23:00 Buy ticket

Pineapple Express is a cover-band from Ørsta in Norway. Their trademark is to get a good party going by a catchy, groovy and upbeat repertoire. Their lead singer, Olav Sindre, will not give in until the crowd is jumping, dancing and singing along. The repertoire is not limited to any particular genre, – the main criteria is that the music should be enjoyable to play and set a good party mood and atmosphere. In other words; good old rock’n’roll, catchy pop, some guilty pleasures and a good dose of funk.

Pineapple Express started off as a gentlemen’s club as counterpart to the woman’s tea-parties and woman associations; – a clever way to form a band without resistance from spouses and other members of the mid-life-crisis-police. The repertoire has grown big and groovy, and the concept has been tested with great success on various venues and festivals, including, but not limited to, support for the original Blues Brothers Band 2017, HighCamp Sunnmøre 2017, 2018 and 2019 and the Pride festivals in Volda 2018 and 2019. The fact that this band is hired in as a returning act on several festivals states the quality this band has as a festival-band and crowd-pleaser and explains why Pineapple Express now is a sought after live-band on the north-west coast.

The Band’s name, Pineapple Express, is taken from countryside gossip in their neck of the wood. Rumours have it that people in Ørsta communicate with each other by putting pineapples in their windowsills, and that strange things happens after this. The band can neither confirm nor deny the rumours, but the rumour is good and creative.