Mirakkels Orkester

Music Mirakkels Orkester Prestegardslandet Sun 25.06 at 17:00 FREE

Mirakkels Orchestra is a drum-orchestra that raises the roof wherever they play! Their music is based on the Afro-Brazilian style called "maracatu" from northeastern Brazil - a traditional music form rooted in African ritual drum acts and dance. Mirakkels Orchestra takes the audience on a journey through this exciting music tradition with its unique sound and catchy rhythms. Even the most stationary audience will feel compelled to dance and sing along!

Mirakkels Orchestra is composed of professional musicians and is known for its energetic and vibrant live performances. They have played on several big stages, such as performing with Mods for over 30,000 people at SR-bank arena in 2022 and for over 2,000 children at the Cathedral Square in Stavanger in 2021.

With captivating and mesmerizing rhythms and an energetic stage presence, they fill the audience with warmth and joy!

Extreme Week Pass:
2290 NOK (25. June - 2. July)

Day Pass:
Sunday Free entrance
Monday Free entrance
Tuesday 490 NOK
Wednesday 490 NOK
Thursday 1150 NOK
Friday 1150 NOK
Saturday 1150 NOK