Great News

Music Great News Scandic Terrassen Mon 28.06 at 21:30 Buy ticket

The Norwegian daze-pop trio Great News has created a sound language that breaks through all sonic boundaries. With fierce guitars, sun-drenched psychedelic bends, and surf-soul garage rock "anthems", the band collectively orbits the kaleidoscope for each release. Their music is a nod to classic alt-rock jams but retains the ability to stir through today's changing soundscape and cultural landscape.

Great News consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Even Kjelby, bassist Ole Kristian Einarsen and drummer Lars Henrik Stord Platou. At the end of 2017, they released their debut album Wonderfault, a shoegazer's blurry daydream. To finance the breakthrough, which was featured in CLASH, Q MAgazine, Huffington Post, etc., the band took on various weird jobs, accompanied by the hustle and bustle of the minimum wage, to live out their true passion in life.

They have previously played on Øya and Bergenfest in 2016 and 2018. They have also played a double concert at Klubben på Samfundet and headlined by:larm in 2018.

"A pounding psych-pop charmer." - Clash
"The best band from Norway in many years." - Q Magazine
"Full-blown technicolor pop." - The Line Of Best Fit
"A band you need to have on your radar." - HuffPo
"Give Great News a bean bag and some slippers and they'd sink into another dimension." - DIY

Their second album "Now and Them" dropped in April!