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EMIR debuted as a solo artist just over two years ago, and with last year's Spellemann-winning debut album "More of You", including songs such as "Falls", "Always" and "10 Things", he quickly stood out in the urban landscape.

The 26-year-old from Bergen has since dominated club and festival scenes both alone and with Sushi & Kobe, among others. at Roskilde, Øya and Kadetten, with packed tents and a chaotic atmosphere. In his own live set, he allows more air, but there is no lack of intensity in EMIR's textual and musical universe. Behind the scenes, it has also been in high gear, where most of the time has been spent in the studio - and now EMIR is back with new music, his second album "The little nothing", where he tells stories from the last two years of his life. The album is produced by Swedish Lucas Nord, who he also worked on on the first album, with the exception of Coucheron-produced "Sidelinjen". On the eight-track album, we find, among other things, "Midnight Rave" ft. Arif, «Do or die» ft. OnklP, and «Disappears» ft. Lars Vaular.