Eirik Aas

Music Eirik Aas Scandic Terrassen Sun 27.06 at 21:30 Buy ticket

Eirik Aas first distinguished himself as a rapper in the group Hester V75 but released in 2020 his debut album "Med lyset slukket" as a solo artist. The album received brilliant feedback from both the audience and the industry, and Bergens Tidende rolled the dice 6. Now he is ready for album number two and takes rapping to new heights. Less indie, more hip hop, and pop and still with high-quality lyrics from the top shelf.


The last year has been spent writing the album "The World or Nothing". While the previous album was intended for intimate concerts, this album is intended for festivals and social settings. One of the motivations behind the project was that all the songs should work as singles. It has therefore been natural to break up the album into more single releases than with the previous one. However, this should not be at the expense of the artistic and the common thread in the album. With hooks that take hold and with large productions, Eirik Aas is ready to take the step up from being a local Bergen rapper to becoming a nationally known artist