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EGG3 takes their new album, Doppelgänger, to Veko 2021! "In fiction and mythology, a doppelgänger is often portrayed as a ghostly or paranormal phenomenon and usually seen as a harbinger of bad luck."

Six years have passed since "Butcher Diaries" was released and it is with a bang that the three-headed monster EGG3 is brought back to life, with the album "Doppelgänger". The band, which debuted in 2009 as a kind of jazz band, has over the years developed into a mix of prog-rock, improv, and metal where the sound can perhaps best be described as a psychotic dream sequence in a film David Lynch has not yet made.

"Doppelgänger" is almost exclusively created at the art factory Tou in Stavanger. In addition to mixing and mastering Eirik Bekkeheien in Egersound studio, the record was rehearsed on Tou Lyd, recorded with Børge Fjordheim (Cloroform, Sivert Høyem, Morten Abel, Janove ++) in Electrolüd on Tou Lyd and printed on T-Time Vinyl Plant - also on Tou. The music is composed by Vidar Schanche, except for A Forest, which is a cover of the 1980s classic The Cure.

Since the previous record, Schanche has traveled around with a Twin Peaks concert. The idea behind this cover version was that it should sound like it was played by the house band on Bang Bang one October night in Twin Peaks. And it must be said that they have succeeded. At this concert, the band takes vocalist in the Twin Peaks concert, Eva Bjerga Haugen, and you should not look away from the fact that there may be a little bit of David Lynch's universe on the journey…


Press release «Doppelgänger»

Class struggles
"Both guitars and wind instruments are turned on and off, in a tense collaboration between Vidar Schanche, Ståle Birkeland, and Arild Hoem, who together control guitars, sax, drums, synths, and effects. An added bonus is the finely tuned thriller version of The "Cures" A Forest ", with good guest vocals from Eva Bjerga Haugen. With" Hello "we go from a John Carpenter-like melody figure to something that approaches a free jazz carnival with constantly surprising picture angles. In short, harsh, good, and varied."

Stavanger Aftenblad
«EGG3 is one of many bands with jazz people who go into battle with rock. Vidar Schanche, Ståle Birkeland, and Arild Hoem pour out guitars, sax, drums, synths, and effects in an occasionally hoarse mix of heavy metal, prog rock, and impro. EGG3 is just tough enough and just far enough out. Good people, good songs, and well made. Get it played! ” Dice 5

Online newspaper
" Once again, EGG3 gives us jazz for rockers and rock for jazzers - in addition to a lot of other things as well. It is still tough and guaranteed not power pack live. It does not hurt not to turn up the volume in the home rather!" Dice 5

Salt Peanuts
«Schanche wrote all the pieces, except« A Forest », and, no worries, none sounds like a harbinger of bad luck. His pieces stress the powerful and layered rhythmic attacks of the trio. Hoem fits naturally into this restless, dramatic format, and his solos often color the massive rhythmic onslaughts with melodic lines as on «Gabbagabba» and «Hello». But EGG3 also knows how to sketch the Lynch-ian kind of unsettling and psychotic dreamscapes as on «I am not him. You are »,« We accept you, one of us », and the last« Interlude ». The cover of "A Forest" deepens these elusive veins and captures EGG3 in its best, creating an addictive, percolating pulse with guest vocalist Eva Bjerga Haugen who skillfully updates the delivery of The Cure's Robert Smith. "

Jazz News
"The strength of the record is undoubtedly the intensity that lies in the crew and the way they play together. Melodies that either in parallel or counterpoint develop between guitar and case, and the rhythmic interplay between drums and, respectively, guitar and sax, which means that a song like "Hello" almost embodies the band's strength. Definitely a highlight for me. "
"The music is raw, intense, and dense, and many of the songs are rhythmically quite demanding. At Gabba Gabba, the associations briefly wander through the intro to Frank Zappa's magical The Purple Lagoon, but it is still in a completely different landscape. And the diverse musical landscape of Doppelgänger is deeply fascinating and confirms that the borderland between jazz and rock is unfathomable. After we get a little breath on the song with the subtle title I Am Not Him. You Are We are brought over to another hefty and intense composition which is also my favorite, titled On. Off. » Dice roll 6

- Vidar Schanche Guitar + various synths
- Ståle Birkeland Drums
- Arild Hoem Baritonsax + synth
- Eva Bjerga Haugen Vokal + synth