Ash Olsen

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Rapper and farm girl Ash Olsen is out with new music Rappers who grow up on a farm are considered a rare commodity in this country.

The music industry in Norway and internationally was thus taken by storm when 20-year-old Ash Olsen from Fredrikstad debuted with the song "KITKAT" in August 2020. Now she is up to date with new music and is out with the song "WILDIN '". With her hypnotic rhythms and extraordinary attitude, she has created great expectations for what would be next from her. The debut song "KITKAT" was immediately listed on NRK P3 and she was highlighted as one of the most exciting newcomers in a long time. Following the release, she received countless inquiries from record companies both internationally and nationally. She herself is aware that she is not the "typical" rapper and has had her doubts about whether it is actually something she should dare to focus on. - When I first started thinking that I wanted to release music, I had to ask myself "can I actually do this, or will I be slaughtered?". I realized I just have to try anyway. Fuck it., Says Ash. As a young woman, she was obsessed with skateboarding, but one day she discovered Tupac's "Only God Can Judge Me". She searched it on YouTube and tried to sing along. "I had never rapped before, but I loved it from the first moment. I went home that day and never stopped ». "WILDIN '" was released on Friday 22 January via Ash Olsen's own record company EZ Money. Since its release, the song has been added to several playlists around the world in all the major streaming services. It can be found on New Music Friday lists in all Scandinavian countries, in addition to New Music Friday Global and the USA.